• Friends on Film

    As I go through the numerous photos I’ve taken over the years, a recurring theme seems to be present – friends are constantly the subjects of my photography. Understandably, these people are easy to shoot due to the pre-existing relationships I have with each individual. Since I shoot so many frames of them, an inaugural project to document each friend here is almost mandatory.  



  • Film Soup Experiments

    Film soup essentially involves agitating a roll of film in a concoction of random ingredients that are not necessarily good for the film to produce clear photos. I attribute my curiosity of film soup to 2 sources of inspiration. One, a Swedish photographer named Kristian Jalonen and two, Cool Girls Shoot Film. In fact, the latter was also inspired by Jalonen and has since produced some of the most awkwardly stunning images created by this method of alternative photography. Likewise, my experiments with film agitation or dunking them in strange concoctions produce surprising and beautiful results.


    Cat Soup 

My experiments with film agitation or dunking them in strange concoctions often produce surprising and beautiful images.
An ongoing project that documents the people in my life on film.
Mainly a photoblog of my photos, plus the occasional reblog of cool photos I see on tumblr.
My thoughts about photography in general.
February 24, 2013

My experience with Black and White films

January 13, 2013

They say third time’s a charm, and that is the case for my recent film swap with a Canadian lomographer, who was game to try doubles after two previous failed attempts.